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Venue : Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC)
Opening Hours : 10:30am – 6:00pm
Date : 28 July - 1 August 2015
Booth No : 1365

25th Malaysia International Packaging & Labelling, Food Processing & Bakery Equipment Exhibition
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Inmech (M) Sdn Berhad has been closely involved in the steam boiler since its inception in 1970. It was formerly know as Industrial Mechanical Associates. Today, Inmech has become one of the leading engineering companies in Malaysia specialising in all forms of boiler repairs, boiler retubing, boiler maintenance and having the sole agencyship of industrial boilers. We have the complete range from electrical boilers, oil fired, natural gas fired and solid waste fuel boilers.

The boiler you own is a very important piece of equipment. In today's environment where you are constantly faced with the productivity challenge; the profit squeeze; and spiralling fuel costs, it is imperative that you provide good services and care for your boiler. That's where Inmech services can help. Because Inmech is and will be nationally identified with uncompromising quality, reliability and efficiency in boiler repair and maintenance services.
Inmech is ideally located to provide services within ASEAN countries. A long association with the manufacturing industry, hotels and public authorities is a proven record of achievement in reliability and performance. Our qualified technicians can be at the job site quickly in any place at any time.

We have built a reputation of being able to maintain a quick and efficient services on all call-offs. Together with a complete range of boiler spare parts and accessories in stock at our workshop and a team of highly trained and qualified technicians to undertake repairs. Inmech provides a service that can be critical in reducing costs arising from lost production or services time.
The industrial boilers spare parts and accessories are easily obtainable and at economical prices in Inmech.

A high standard of performance is maintained at all times. The rigid high quality standards of the organisation, associated with an insatiable endeavour to meet industry's boiler repair, retubing and maintenance requirements
has made our name synonymous with dependability. The long experience of our technicians from basic repair to complete overhaul, retubing and maintenance services , backed by modern tools and facilities, make this organization a dependable source for engineering repairs and services that can best serve your boiler needs

Due to our comprehensive range of boiler spare parts and accessories in stock, we are able to supply any accessory to customer requirements promptly.

Our in-built flexibility resulting in internal economies is reflected in our pricing. Also, customers are assured of orders being handled to the highest degree of efficiency and at economical prices.

With such a speedy; efficiency and high standard of services, customers find internal economies of their own with less idle time through boiler breakdown and reduced stock holding of parts and accessories.
We provide services advantages through specialization and adaptability. With the most up-to-date tools and techniques, we can repair and refurbish any steam boiler breakdown. When boiler size and complexity demands it, Inmech can and will assume full responsibility for the quantity and frequency of your maintenance.

Due to the expansion programme in Inmech, the Company has entered into large scale engineering construction and fabrication Turnkey Projects. Being involved in the engineering field for over two decades, we can take complete responsibility for your engineering construction and fabrication needs. Fabrication works are carried out in our factory work site in Klang Utama . We take pride for being able to take complete charge and responsibility for the construction of palm oil mill and fabricate complete boiler plants for industry.

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